Vasant Ramachandran, entrepreneur and CTO of Daric, is highly active in nonprofit and community work. One of Vasant’s most significant experiences in this field was during his time as a student at Stanford University. Vasant volunteered with SAPHOP, the university’s education and outreach program which focused on raising awareness of health risks within the South Asian community. He continues to be interested in programs related to these issues. Additionally, as Daric is part of the Stanford StartX community, Vasant is interested in communities which allow for the growth, development, and acceleration of entrepreneurs and their companies.

Professional Overview of Vasant: With a longtime interest in enterprise software and the entrepreneurial drive to make a real difference in the financial services industry, Vasant Ramachandran utilizes his role as CTO of Daric to develop the startup’s groundbreaking peer-to-peer lending platform. He is passionate about making the lending process easy and intuitive for lenders and borrowers alike.

Vasant looks for ways to enable technological progress and innovation for mortgage solutions, risk management, insurance and fraud, and decision solutions for Daric’ diverse clientele, which includes the world’s leading asset management, financial, mortgage, and insurance companies.

Daric, an online based mortgage application tool, recently finalized a partnership with Mortech®, a Zillow Group business providing mortgage technology solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams. The startup has received acknowledgment and accolades on a national level, and it has received financial backing and support from top investors including Richard Kovacevich (former CEO of Wells Fargo) and Jennifer Johnson (COO of Franklin Templeton Investments) among others.

Prior to his current professional career, Vasant Ramachandran worked in positions on development, data science and Research Teams at LinkedIn, Aster Data and the Stanford Genome Technology Center.

Vasant attended Stanford University as an undergraduate and as a graduate student.  He earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and his Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering. He resides in California, where his proximity to Silicon Valley allows him to explore his interests in technology and in entrepreneurship in general.