3 Ways Data Analytics Can Help Nonprofits

3 Ways Data Analytics Can Help Nonprofits Most nonprofits can benefit from many of the same things for-profit businesses do, such as technology and advertising. Unlike for-profit business, however, nonprofits can quickly lose donors if they spend any significant portion of their budgets on these things. Thankfully, however, technological tools are becoming more economical and within the reach of even… Read more →

Key Differences Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizations

Organizations can be broadly categorized into 2 categories: for-profit organizations and nonprofit organizations. These two kinds of organizations have fundamental differences in various key areas. Their differences are based on the organizational purpose, modes of operation, and their internal organization and structure.   Organizational purpose For-profit organizations are founded with a primary mission of generating profits through business-based transactions and… Read more →

The Economic Impact of America’s Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry

Many times, arts and cultural nonprofits are viewed with skepticism. However, the numbers show that arts and culture are actually economic drivers in communities across America. Arts and culture nonprofits bring tourist dollars into communities. They create jobs, both directly and indirectly. And finally, they provide enrichment and education.   Arts and culture nonprofits generated over $165 billion in the… Read more →

Different Types of Nonprofit Organizations   Businesses are categorized for tax purposes, based on whether they operate for profit, or they as exist as a nonprofit entity. Within the latter grouping, there are many types nonprofits that are subject to varying tax rules, depending on the specifics of their organization.   Understanding Nonprofit vs. Profit   In order for an… Read more →