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Vasant Ramachandran

The Economic Impact of America’s Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry

Many times, arts and cultural nonprofits are viewed with skepticism. However, the numbers show that arts and culture are actually economic drivers in communities across America. Arts and culture nonprofits bring tourist dollars into communities. They create jobs, both directly and indirectly. And finally, they provide enrichment and education.   Arts and culture nonprofits generated over $165 billion in the… Read more →

Vasant Ramachandran

Different Types of Nonprofit Organizations   Businesses are categorized for tax purposes, based on whether they operate for profit, or they as exist as a nonprofit entity. Within the latter grouping, there are many types nonprofits that are subject to varying tax rules, depending on the specifics of their organization.   Understanding Nonprofit vs. Profit   In order for an… Read more →

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Differences Between a Nonprofit Organization and a Charity

A nonprofit corporation means that none of the corporation’s net profit comes from donations, membership fees, or any business activities that will benefit any individual. Some of the many different types of nonprofit organizations are: homeownership associations, clubs, and other various organizations are nonprofits. Often times, these types of organizations are mutual benefit nonprofit corporations because they do not benefit… Read more →

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Starting a Successful Nonprofit from the Ground Up: Where to Begin

Starting a nonprofit organization is an inspiring way to help those in need and give back to your local community. To begin you must understand each important step that comes along with being a successful nonprofit. Growing and maintaining your nonprofit takes determination and patience because this process can sometimes take years of effort.   The steps below is information… Read more →

Making Progress in the Tech Industry with Code for Progress

The tech industry is frequently hailed as beacon for the national economy. Politicians, pundits, and business leaders celebrate this sector for its ability to create value by developing new and innovative ideas to shake up established industries and build a more interconnected world. Of course, while it does have a great many reasons to be proud, there are a number… Read more →