Top Nonprofit Websites and Why They Are The Best

There are numerous non-profit websites that are worth visiting. They all have a few things in common that make them stand out as high-quality resources that can be trusted. The qualities that make them different are their clear messages about what they do, good design of the site, a good correlation between photos and information, the option for a mobile as well as a desktop version of the site, and clear navigation for users.

Here are the best nonprofit sites.

1. Galapagos

The Galapagos site belongs to the Galapagos Conservancy that is focused on the preservation of the islands by the same name. The site is build of block elements that lets users jump straight to the section that interests them. The menus are simple and clear.

2.Royal Conservancy

The site is very simple and has a strong image on the very front page. The menus are simple and easy to comprehend. The content is focused and clean with a touch of elegance to the page layouts.

3. Humane Rescue Alliance

The site is one that is full of cute images that are iconic for the cause that the organization represents. The site is organized and focuses entirely on the goal of the message — to help animals.

4. Dogs on Deployment

This nonprofit site has great content and a clear message about what they do. The site has practical and trust-building information about the funds of the organization, how much dogs have been helped, and what the organization is doing in real time.


The website sends a message to young people that dating abuse is not acceptable. The site is technologically savvy and has a design that is liked by young people. The large images with an outlined text show where users can find help if they feel abused in any way. The site has useful resources such as statistics, an app, and a social hub.

6. One Drop

The site has a picturesque and emotional imagery of what it is trying to overcome and achieve. Statistics of the site show what is happening in countries that are suffering from a water shortage. The navigation is easy to use. The actionable site gives visitors the chance to see the work of the organization in real time and take steps to contribute to the cause if they so wish. The blue and earthy colors of the whole site are a clear depiction of the cause that the organization is working towards.